RE.WRK Carrier
RE.WRK Carrier

RE.WRK Carrier

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It has become obvious that the typical modes of production that have been used throughout the 20th century are wasteful and unsustainable. This is becoming increasingly obvious with the effects of climate change and global warming that we are already experiencing in our daily lives. This bag is constructed from materials that were sourced from local companies that would have normally ended up sending them to a landfill. Now, these materials are repurposed into a beautiful and functional piece of art. Every component of the bags (with the exception of the zippers) are repurposed. By owning a RE.WRK Carrier bag, you’re helping make the world a more sustainable place to live.


Our Carrier was originally conceived from a conversation between Dave Elitch and artist Justin Hopkins as a multi use drumstick/paintbrush bag. As it turns out, drum sticks and paintbrushes are nowhere near the same size, but that was enough to create the spark for the initial idea. Justin introduced Dave to Jenny Silbert (Rewilder) and together, that spark turned into something never seen before in the drum industry. Many different materials were experimented with throughout the design process. It was finally settled on beer filter cloth from a local industrial brewery for the body, repurposed mailbags for the interior linings, seatbelts for trim, hand dyed climbing rope and high end nickel zippers. The entire bag is handmade in Los Angeles by local craftsman.


Minimalism is the key concept throughout The Carrier. Only what’s needed, nothing else.


A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The World Meteorological Organization to help fight and adapt climate change.

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